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Amphibia watches Classic
You bought or buy a amphibian watch in this shop. If you don't like yours bezel, you can change it. It’s simple!

In comments to the order specify what bezel to you need put on a watch: 1, 2 or 3rd option.
We will put this bezel.
Bezel - not a problem!
If you accept yours bezel, nothing write in comments to the order.


Models of the Boctok (Vostock) Amphibia (Amphibian) one of the most sought after models in the Boctok line. The Amphibia's design is simple but efficient. The Amphibia is a 660 foot dive watch. 200 meters now that's serious diving there. The noticeable thing about the Amphibia is the many different models that are available. The case backs have a screw down locking ring for water resistance and a double inner rubber seal just for piece of mind. The Amphibia's utilize the Boctok 2416b Automatic movement with 31 ruby jewels, serious movement for serious watches. These watches in general are built tougher than Russian Steak, but the Amphibia's can wear out the toughest teeth!
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